ITP Holeshot XCR Tire 20x11-9

ITP Holeshot XCR Tire 20x11-9

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Special Notes:

  • Please note: Tire sizes vary by machine please check your current tire and wheel size before ordering.
      The ITP Holeshot XCR ATV Tire is another specialized variation in the Holeshot lineup. The XCR differentiates itself from its brother tires, the XC and XCT, with a body that’s low profile, narrow, and light to make the XCR a tire that will corner more aggressively.

      While the light weight delivers less turning mass, the lower profile makes for a more consistent contact patch while the tire is under side load, especially considering the stiffness of the 6 ply carcass. Another differentiation is the rear tires outlying tread lugs. With an alternating 45 degree pitch these lugs present more surface area while cornering so if the back does step out you retain more control.

  • Ideal for today’s 4 stroke sport machines
  • Lower profile, narrower and lighter than other Holeshot tires
  • Better cornering with less deformation
  • Angled tread on rear tire keep rear end in check while cornering
  • 6 ply construction
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -